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Discover Enhanced Internet, your gateway to the most reliable international connectivity > Download the whitepaper here


Worldwide coverage, with a focus on Miami and a broad presence in Latin America.

Reliability and quality thanks to the use of Vmware technology, a market leader that guarantees the deployment of hybrid environments.

The best combination of computing resources, networking and value-added services.



Transform your business by combining Cloud and Connectivity

Big companies are increasingly looking to focus on making their businesses grow, delegating the responsibility of managing their infrastructure to specialized companies that provide a high-quality service and operational efficiency.

With our VDC service, and thanks to our agreements with market leaders, we provide the perfect infrastructure solution: reliable, secure and scalable in any of our Data Centers, providing maximum security levels.

Security at the heart of everything

One of the key factors for boosting your business is the combination of having a Data Center that at the same time is able to guarantee the security of your data. That is why our Virtual Data Center service offers high availability of your services, and even prepares your systems for possible technological disasters.


We offer you a cloud solution based on leading technology capable of providing a comprehensive response with maximum security guarantees.

Maximum efficiency by reducing infrastructure costs

The growth strategy of many companies does not envisage increased investment or new infrastructure deployments.


Our Virtual Data Center solution is designed so that you do not have to invest in the deployment of an expensive infrastructure and instead you only pay for the use of the contracted resources, avoiding oversized costs whilst at the same time accelerating the implementation and accessibility from anywhere in the world.


Key elements when choosing a Data Center

Making right decisions when choosing a Data Center is vital to guarantee a successful strategy for your company. We want to help you to have the best insights to ensure the success of your business from the very first moment: Certifications, Advantages, Managed Services... etc.


If you have any questions, please contact us through the following link and we will be happy to resolve all your doubts. 


Get to know before anyone else all the advances that are taking place in the sector.


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