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By Valle Ortega, CMO Telefónica Global Solutions  

London, 25th October 2022.- Three days full of challenges and business discussions. Capacity Europe 2022, the continent´s largest networking event, represented a great opportunity to catch up with industry colleagues about the future of digital infrastructure networks as well as how to respond to emerging trends that will shape the sector in the next years.

After two years of not having been able to hold these meetings, it is refreshing and empowering to meet again. As we have a responsibility to facilitate the connection of companies, their employees and all private customers to the digital world, we need to be connected to each other to ensure a permanent evolution and the best service to our customers.

Our challenges and solutions are interconnected. We cannot move forward as an industry without joint approaches that guarantee interoperability and global reach. This event facilitates this relationship. Coming each from a different part of the world, being able to meet all in the same place, with common objectives, greatly enable conversations and the definition of future approaches.

We are transforming Telefónica Global Solutions and our services to position ourselves in the hyperconnected world, serving our customers on their path to digitisation and providing these services to their own customers. For us, Connectivity, Cloud, Edge Computing, 5G and Blockchain are pieces of a big puzzle that come together to solve business problems. Our goal is to make all these technologies part of the final solution for our customers. We work to bring it all together and provide the glue needed to facilitate their transformation".


This event is a unique opportunity for us to resume direct contact with our customers and partners. It is much easier to continue open conversations and close joint projects when we have the opportunity to spend a few days together, share our vision of business and establish the bases of work for the next months.

For 72 hours, +2,800 attendees from more than 700 companies, discussed in London key topics that are critical for our industry looking into the future:

- Future of connectivity: This is key for our industry. We all will face Metaverse challenges in the coming years, what we do and prepare now regarding our connectivity networks and services is the starting point to succeed into Metaverse.

- Data Center and Connectivity convergence is coming to real, As enterprises evolve their DC infrastructure to Cloud, employees, branches, applications, and headquarters need to access to information, applications and processes which are migrating to cloud. User experience is key and automation across connectivity, data center, SaaS providers, etc, is critical to ensure it.

- We, as a carriers, cannot do it by ourselves, we need to cooperate with industry players to get to the best solution for businesses and administrations.

- As all this happen, wholesalers´ role must evolve and adapt.They will play a critical role but need to decide it with the industry and evolve accordingly.

- Naas: We need to transform our network into “as a Service”, with greater visibility and self-management options for the customer.

- Last but not least, diversity is one of our key challenges. We need to be as diverse as society. Currently, we are facing the lack of women talent as well as young people willing to join the Telco industry. If we are not able to attracting young people and, in general, diverse talent, we won´t be capable of transforming and evolving ourselves as needed.

In this sense, we are transforming our company and our services to position ourselves in the hyperconnected world, serving our customers in their path to digitalization and providing these services to their own clients. It is especially relevant and challenging when you integrate your own solutions to third parties’ ones. We are working on it and we will offer e2e digital cloud connectivity and services to our customers for them to ensure their digital transformation and the transformation of their own customers.

We understand Connectivity, Cloud, Edge Computing, 5G, Blockchain, as pieces of a big puzzle that come together to solve business problems. Our goal is to ensure that all these technologies are part of the final solution to our customers. We are working on putting everything together and providing the necessary glue to facilitate their transformation.


If you have any questions please contact us through the link below and we’ll be happy to solve all your doubts.  


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