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Discover Enhanced Internet, your gateway to the most reliable international connectivity > Download the whitepaper here

Enhanced Internet:
your gateway to seamless international connectivity

Large enterprises are rapidly migrating their IT infrastructure 
to the cloud, with approximately 80% of them adopting 
multi-cloud strategies. This transition involves shifting from traditional private network (MPLS) connectivity to the public internet for accessing cloud-based applications. However, this shift brings about several challenges, including cost control, security, network adaptability, and application performance.

Enhanced Internet represents a paradigm shift in enterprise networking,

empowering large enterprises with the cost efficiencies of the internet and the reliability of private networks. In an era where cloud adoption is accelerating, this solution provides the essential guarantees required for seamless, secure, and high-performance connectivity. It is a compelling choice for large enterprises looking to navigate the challenges of the digital age while optimizing their network investments.

Imagine a stable Internet connection without risks of data packet loss or attacks on your international tra­ffic. That is Enhaced Internet: the capillarity and cost of an Internet access, with the guarantees of an MPLS network.



Enhanced Internet simplifies networking by offering a mix of cost-effectiveness and reliability. It's like getting the best of both worlds.

Discover the most reliable international connectivity


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