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Discover Enhanced Internet, your gateway to the most reliable international connectivity > Download the whitepaper here


We help you fill in the skills gap in your team to protect your business

Our innovative Global SOC Network provides its services 24/7 wherever you business needs them

Cost efficient without loosing a bit in efficiency and total scalability guaranty


Let us guard you: managed means “don’t worry”

And it goes from the design and implementation to the maintenance. Do not worry. We got you secured. We take care of everything so you can focus in your business. Delegate the management of security devices and security incidents to TGS, an expert and professional team. 


Our unified SLAs/SLOs provides you the guarantee of our performance and reliability.

Efficient in costs, fast in benefits

Our integral and flexible solution allows you to delegate operational security so we can assure you the best of the protection with our most skilled and expert personnel without the investment and effort of finding such professionals. 


If you are an enterprise, the service will be fast and operational from day 1, and if you are a wholesale operator, your customers will be able to offer more services at lower cost and higher quality than internal alternatives.

The best protection in the market, now yours

Thanks to our knowledge of the security landscape and the latest cybersecurity threats we can offer you all the security so you get none of the hassle.

  • Managed Security expertise by our cutting-edge SOC network
  • International coverage on 24x7 basis
  • Supervision of IT security devices
  • Service security reports and dashboards
  • Optimal hirable modules adapted to our customer needs
  • Evolving service: New technologies & capabilities constantly been added


If you have any questions please contact us through the link below and we’ll be happy to solve all your doubts.  


Get to know before anyone else all the advances that are taking place in the sector.


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